Become a Vendor

We carefully choose approximately 15-20 vendors for the Virtual Bazaars.

What is required of you:

  • Booth fee $200 application fee ($180 refunded if you are not accepted, $20 is non-refundable processing fee) OR 20% of final sales (and $20 non-refundable processing fee)
  • Raffle prize (worth $15 or more)
  • 3 specials/discounts to use as game prizes
  • 1 exclusive item or price that is only offered during this bazaar!

What is provided:

  • Virtual "booth" space in Bazaar for 3 day event
  • Membership to the vendor-only Facebook group for training videos and ongoing support
  • One-hour time spot during Bazaar to post videos, go live, do a behind-the-scenes, do a "take over!" 
  • Promotional graphics featuring you and your products
  • 3 free tickets to our Thursday "preview party" 

Applications close approximately 30 days prior to the event date. Vendors will be notified of their acceptance status as soon as possible.

Successful Vendors:

  • Have clear photos of products, on crisp, white backgrounds
  • Have a variety of items for sale in the $5-200 range
  • Have a clear shop vision & brand
  • Are willing to engage in the event, communicate with potential customers, and answer questions
  • Are looking at this as an opportunity to build relationships with future customers who value shopping small, in addition to this as a money-making opportunity

There will only be 2 Royaboya Bazaars this year! 

Spring Soiree - April 15-17th (with a preview party on the 14th)

Favorite Things - happening the week after Thanksgiving

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

We have openings for each Bazaar for Product Vendors, Service-Based Vendors, and Performers. –Product vendors receive virtual “booth space,” one hour of virtual stage-time, and access to our ongoing support through the Vendor Group. Product vendors pay $150/200 (depending on event) upfront OR 20% of sales. –Service-Based Vendors pay per time spot you’d like to be on our virtual stage. This is a great option for businesses like massage therapists, travel agents, or even authors - those of you who can lead the group in a workshop and get in front of our audience! You also receive access to our Vendors Only Group, and will have your bio, picture, and contact information presented. Each hour of stage time is $40-60 depending on event. –Performers receive one hour of performance time, the chance to put out a virtual tip jar, contact information/bio/pictures in our promotional material and will get paid $100+ depending on size of the event.

2022 vendor prices are: Product Vendors: Spring Soiree $150 OR 20% of sales Favorite Things Holiday Bazaar - $200 OR 20% of sales Service-Based Vendors: April Soiree $40/hour of virtual stage time Favorite Things Holiday Bazaar - $50/hour of virtual stage time

Our Facebook community group has (at time of writing this, in March 2022) 2.5k people, with that number growing all the time.

You know I have to say “it depends.” But we do keep records - so here’s what we know. Every product based vendor for the past two years has made at *least* their vendor fee back. -The most any one vendor has made during any single Bazaar was $2,500 -The average product vendors make $720 -The average shopper spends $150 -The most any single customer has spent during a single Bazaar was $525

Our customers have these things in common. They predominantly are women, age 30-70, located in the United States. Many are mothers. We have a culture of inclusion, honoring the hard work of small businesses, and community over competition. We do not allow any racist, sexist, ableist or other prejudicial or biased products or commentary. We fully support snarky products, rainbow flags, feminism, interesting, unusual, detailed, innovative goodness. Our audience is vocal about their support of shopping from small businesses, and we have a tremendous number of repeat customers.